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हमारी आज़ादी

मेरा ये लेख मेरी सहेलियों(महिलाओं)के लिए "अरे वो बहुत स्वतंत्र है,और एडवांस है ,,क्यों?अरे उसके ससुराल में उसे सलवार सूट,जीन्स, स्कर्ट पहनने की पूरी आज़ादी है ,,,,,,,अक्सर ये बातें दो महिलाओं के बीच आपने सूनी होगी,,,,, मैंने भी बहुत सूनी ,,,,,इसलिए आज इस पर ही लिख रही हूँ, क्या स्वतंत्रता , आज़ादी का मतलब हम… Continue reading हमारी आज़ादी

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Am I Still Existing?

Where should I start? Where should I go? Am I still existing? Am I still here? Do anyone see me? Why am I asking this? They don’t. Yes they don’t. When everything is new at sight, when you expect that everything will be bright and lite, but the shades become darker than black; and no… Continue reading Am I Still Existing?

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It’s All About Your Story

​Always be yourself. We live in a world that wants us to be all the same.  A world that wants us to hide parts of our identities.  A world that wants to convince us that our inability to move on from what happened to us means that something is fundamentally wrong with us.  A world… Continue reading It’s All About Your Story