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Am I Still Existing?

Where should I start? Where should I go? Am I still existing? Am I still here? Do anyone see me? Why am I asking this? They don’t. Yes they don’t. When everything is new at sight, when you expect that everything will be bright and lite, but the shades become darker than black; and no… Continue reading Am I Still Existing?

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Sensitivity: strength or weakness

Someone said Your sensitivity is not a sign of weakness. Your sensitivity makes you beautiful. It makes you different, It makes you unique. It is very easy to pretend that you do not feel anything and if you try to express what you feel you will easily became a centre point among people around you.… Continue reading Sensitivity: strength or weakness

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Your`s Unborn

I read this letter somewhere which is very heart melting. I am sharing this with you guys. Please go through it and try to implement... Reblog or share this for betterment.   Dear Mommy, I am in heaven now. I so wanted to be your little girl. I don't quite understand what has happened. I… Continue reading Your`s Unborn

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The Pledge – Rewrite

"India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters." So we pledge in schools and colleges, So we pledge until our lips register. We call India our motherland; We represent India by a woman. But everyday, at least one woman in India Is harassed by the men. We have reservations for people Who… Continue reading The Pledge – Rewrite

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हम कलियाँ हैं उस बगिया की

Today I am sharing one of my hindi poetry. Hope you all like it too. ​हम कलियाँ हैं उस बगिया की, जिसे मायका कहते हैं ... जब जब हम खिलती हैं वहाँ, कभी खुशबू बिखर जाती है तो कभी छाँट दी जाती है | कभी लक्ष्मी कहलाकर माँ को सम्मान दिलाती हैं तो कभी बोझ… Continue reading हम कलियाँ हैं उस बगिया की