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Am I Still Existing?

Where should I start?
Where should I go?
Am I still existing?
Am I still here?
Do anyone see me?
Why am I asking this?
They don’t. Yes they don’t.
When everything is new at sight,
when you expect that everything will be bright and lite,
but the shades become darker than black;
and no one seems to notice that you’re losing the pack…
Cause nobody seems to care,
that you are there,
existing just like them,
holding no sword nor a pen…
I was not a mere shadow of any..
I was not really sure why you don’t see me…
I’m still haunted by the world of uselessness ..
I’m still a captive of the un belongingness
I can’t move off my feet, I can’t be free to take a sit
How do you consider this a home
If I can’t be who I want on my own
Everything was so structured 
they say just follow the rules
to cause no trouble and live happily 
but never will it happen 
I am so close on giving up the end
but why am I still holding on?
maybe I’m still hoping that it will soon get better 
I will find my place inside those four corners
exercising happiness at its extent
dreaming about their promises of a happy end…..!!


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