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It`s a Good Life

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I got lost on the highway of happiness
Took a wrong turn on the road of regret…
And I found myself walking through memories
That I’d been trying hard to forget…
They grew out of the cracks in the sidewalk
Found their way up the bricks of the walls…
With thorns grown so sharp that they promised
To pierce my young heart should I fall..
These memories spread endlessly outwards
Until they were too far away to be seen…
But as I bent down to study some closer
I found something nestled between
There tucked beneath all the brambles…
Were memories I’d long since forgotten
Pieces of proof that my lifetime
Wasn’t just made of things that were rotten
These flowers had slowly been growing…
From the moment that I had been born
But they’d almost lost sight of the sunlight..
When I’d only remembered my thorns
And as I stumbled back onto the highway…
I knew there was much more to learn
But in a world that is fearful of failing
I was glad that I made a wrong turn….
You cannot always be happy, But you can always be brave. And that is the beginning Of everything.

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