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Spicy Life

What is life if not boring without a little spice?
And what are people if not the spice of life?
Aroma, texture, color and flavor,
A little bit of each they bring to our lives.
Some flavors we prefer to others,
But all add something to our bubbling pot.

Stir it up, meld them together..
All can get along if only we all try,
To see eye to eye or through the eyes of each other.
Empathy and compassion go a long way
And the only way to keep things fresh and interesting,
Is having a variety of spices in our lives…

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You need to try every flavor and find in it .
Something different ,
Learn to develop in your palate,
A taste for each ,
Woody or pungent ,
Hot or Cooling,
Earthy or Fruity,
Sweet or Bitter ,
Each adds so much.

With some, a little goes a long way.
Partake sparingly,
Fill your dish in abundance,
With those that enhance,
Savoring every morsel,
Of the spices that bring
Joy to your life….!




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