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Those 7 Lies


7 Lies You Need To Stop Telling Yourself Right Now

1. I’m not good enough – we determine our self-worth. There’s no such thing as not being good enough for others, if they don’t recognise our worth – that’s their loss.
2. I’m ugly – true beauty comes from within. A nice body is good for a night, a beautiful mind is good for a lifetime. The way we treat ourselves & others and the way we think determines whether or not we are ugly or beautiful.
3. This is the way I am – old habits die hard. Past habits may have lead us down dark paths. We must remember that we are the ones in control of what we choose to think, say, do & believe and this is what shapes our lives.
4. I’ll never have what I desire – we can manifest anything we desire. We have to be mindful of the stories we tell ourselves because words are spells. Changing this limiting belief to “I can create anything I desire” allows us to focus on what we can create – whatever we focus on grows.

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5. I have bad luck – we create our own luck. To rely on good fortune is a fool’s errand because it is out of our control, we must focus on what we control – the vessel we’re living in. When we align our thoughts, beliefs & actions with what we want to manifest we don’t need to rely on luck.
6. I attract negativity – we attract what we are. Yes, there will be times when we attract negativity – but we must keep in mind that this is a reflection of our current ways of thinking and the beliefs we hold. To attract positivism we must live a positive way of life.
7. No one loves me – the greatest lie ever told. At times it may seem as though no one loves us but this comes from losing sight of the interconnected nature of everything – oneness. We are at one with the universe and the force that connects us all is love – separation is the illusion that paves the way for hatred toward ourselves and others.

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