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Willing To Fly In The Sky

The incidents of discrimination happening day by day either with our family, society, and our surroundings shock us and forcing us to think about whether we are actually going in this 21st century.. Our society treats a woman only as a woman itself, they forgot that a woman has a power to convert a house in to a home, she has a power to tackle a lot of burden at a time, she has a power to handle and resolve everyone’s problems simultaneously, she can be a mother she can be a wife she can be a daughter she can be a daughter in law and so on but at the same time. Do you ever think that what you are giving to your woman and what she actually deserves? Firstly, you have to know about her value then you will be able to realize your faults .

Centre Point of the family

A woman is the best creation of Brahma. She can give birth to a child, so she deserves the position of the creator.. A creator is as equal as the god. Society always expects a woman to be a centre point of the family because only she can tack to every one with each other. 

Her Health is your wealth too

If it comes to giving education, health or other facilities, so in many country most of the families give importance to their son only. Why? It is because they treats their girls as they are someone else’s asset, she doesn’t belong to our family. Few months back, a survey conducted by the government in various cancer hospitals and it was concluded that there are approximately 70% women who are suffering from the cancer and their well settled families do not want to arrange required medical treatment for them because it’s expensive. Don’t you think here she deserves all those facilities that are available in the society for their betterment?

Victim of discrimination
After all the protests and rebellion, after all the struggle, when the woman goes out for earning she has to become victim of discrimination. According to a survey, working women in the country of 30-40 years gets lesser salary of 30 percent compared to men, while women below the age of 30 earn less than 23 percent less than men. In the same way, Indian women work more than 50% more than males, whereas the global average is 39%. According to the statistics, only 45 percent of the companies in the country give women a cognitive maternity leave of 9 to 12 weeks. Which is now extended for three months but only a few companies follow that protocol.
GDP growth of the country
The International Monetary Fund says that if women in the field are equal to men, then the country’s GDP, which means that the total domestic product can increase by 27%. It is seen that most of the rules and regulations for the country’s economic growth are advised and written by a woman. Among those women, there is a woman who told that my daughter was an acquaintance engineer but she left her job after marriage, because her husband did not like her to work outside. It is a matter of great sadness, shame and anxiety that the woman is only being victim of discrimination in her own family only because she is a woman.
All these stories makes me feel like I am a victim as well because I can’t do anything for anyone of them until you do. It is essential that all women will have to raise their voices, they will have to fight for their freedom, for a long high flight, their wings must be firmly spread, if they really willing to fly in the sky.

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