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Sensitivity: strength or weakness

Someone said Your sensitivity is not a sign of weakness. Your sensitivity makes you beautiful. It makes you different, It makes you unique.

It is very easy to pretend that you do not feel anything and if you try to express what you feel you will easily became a centre point among people around you.

So from the young age, family teaches their girls that strength means to hide your feeling, to kill your wishes and make your family happy. If you got hurt do not express to anybody, If you be happy do not show your happiness, If you are angry do not allow your anger to show on your face,  If you are sad control your tears all the time and so on….

If you do not feel, how can you truly love?

If you do not feel , how can you understand what your family wants from you?

If you do not feel, how can you differentiate what is real or unreal?

If you do not feel, how longer you be like a human, won`t you become a stone?

It is your life and is all about your feelings. You will be strong only when you dare to express your words to the world. This is your strength…. If hiding your feeling mean to be strengthen God never gives you heart to feel and senses to express…. Think about it once….

Do you know, what is the major cause of depression?

It is your sensitivity which you ignore all the time only to make your surrounding happy. They says, a person who tries to make everyone happy is the most saddest person. Like Rose Plant, it gives beautiful flowers but has thorns with itself. Do not be like this because it is a plant not you.

So, from now onward…. promise yourself… never hide your feelings… do not regret to express these feelings….. cherish it….

Motivational Video for Do not hide your feelings


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