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No Means No

We are all being put to shame due to thousands of rape incidents happening in our beloved India a country where women are worshipped as revered Goddesses. India is the largest democracy. Yet how can that be when its laws and government do not represent an entire gender? Why there is no democracy for women? Why yet education for girls is abysmal? To answer simply would not recognise the gravity of India`s problem. To change a culture is extremely difficult.



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Now let`s talk about some key variables which are the real and actual reasons for this issue.m When rape happens our media and political parties has got a hot agenda to talk over, they do some live shows to debate about, they talks and talks and keep talking until show gets over. If we talk about our public votes, some blames to the rapist, some blames to the victim, some says it is our cultural problem, some says it is the reason why we are not in favour of women empowerment and so on.

But you know what are the ground causes for this issue? Here you are:

  • Women wearing saree, trouser, salwar kameez, shorts, skirts, burkha etc. gets harassed – ” Dress is not the problem!”
  • 7 year old, 17 year old, even 70 year old gets molested – ” Age is not the problem!”
  • Co worker, wife or even daughter gets tortured – ” Relation is not the problem!”
  • Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian is not safe –  “Religion is not the problem!”
  • The system which provides all the comforts to the rapist – ” Is the problem!”

Comforts refers lake of laws and rules for men, their desires to get intimate, their dominating behaviour issue and our granting to have these kind of people around us.

Definitely, We have to fight against the same but first we have to fight against our mind sets. Because Rape is not just a women issue. it is about men who stop behaving like a human and start behaving like an animal.

So Ladies, start saying NO! If you really do not want…… No Means No !



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