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Don`t Be Afraid


While turning the pages of a very renowned writer ‘s book my eyes just stopped on some beautiful lines. Hope you all will love these too…

“To the heart in you, don’t be afraid to feel.”

” To the sun in you, don’t be afraid to shine.”

” To the love in you, don’t be afraid to heal.” 

” To the ocean in you, don’t be afraid to rage.” 

” To the silence in you, don’t be afraid to break.” 


These are absolute and awesome lines. Let me elaborate this for you…..




We have various feelings in our heart but we do not always express this to everyone or every time because sometimes we afraid from its outcome. it`s your feelings and you should be expressive if you do not it would be very troublesome for you only.

Yes, it`s true that we have only one sun in the universe but here we are talking about the sun insides you, inside me and every individual. we all have some capabilities to spark or to shine like a bright sun only we need to find it and take it out from our inner sense. Because the sun needs wild blue yonder to shine in.

Eventually, you will come to understand that love heals everything. Always remember that the emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it. Love is within us. It cannot be destroyed however it can be ignored. It cannot be hide for long time . Try to show your love to your love ones and see the magic.

Being a human, raging with our anger is common. But you know what, it is better to throw out your anger rather than to keep silence. They says, May be you will not be punished for your anger but you will be punished by your anger. So express your anger with some patience.

Silence is the best punishment for those who don`t want to listen to you. This is okay until it causes anxiety to you but then it has to be break soon. Silence is not empty, it is full of answers. So Break it before it breaks you…..



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