Life Experiences

Date Yourself

Date yourself and follow the flow of river, Let moments sink into the corners of your heart – In those spaces which are filled with tears. If loneliness has grabbed your hands indulge in it a little more. Date yourself and be a warrior of lonely paths, Be someone whose autumn has heard the murmurs of crumbled leaves, And has painted beauty out of it.

Date yourself like a poet dates his words and kisses his pain. Date yourself like the lone benches of spring.

Date your soul as well as your shadow – Whom you forgot in your own darkness, let alone theirs. Date yourself and praise those eyes which have cried, Legs which have walked through filth; Date those fingers, And let it run on the pages of life for nothing entangles it more.

Date every bit of you, dying to love a perfect you; Date your status, “single, not available”.

Date yourself and be the poetry that every poet wants to date; Date yourself like the crowds date loneliness; Date yourself for breathing is not living.


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