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Salt or Sugar

Life is something a really strange. In life we come across several things and persons that are totaly different from what they look life. Some people seems like they are our well-wishers but actually they are not while some people seems like haters but they are not and vice versa. 

Here I remember a proverb said by the great Shakespeare that ” All That Glitters Are Not Gold”. As we all know, Gold is one of the precious metal. It is attractive and expensive. It’s shine can catch everyone’s eye. But now illustrated or replica jewellery also available in market and they shines just like a gold one. Similarly, this world is full of those people who pose to be men of god, well wisher and they treat you very nicely. In fact, look at the flood of advertisements, OMG! They tries everything to catch your eye towards their products. Even salt looks like sugar sometimes.

Similarly, in our lives we meet with many people and things, they conceal their true nature and act like they are good to gain your attention. We should be carefull and alert from those people because they can take our disadvantage as well as they might misguide us from their smart actions. Specially, my dear ladies and kids stay aware all time. Because appearances are always deceiving..
Take care..


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