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Be You..

​You will never please everyone around you. And you will never be on everyone’s good side. Not everyone will put themselves in your shoes. And not everyone will try to understand you. Many will judge you. And many will wish you more pain because, for some odd reason in their minds, you deserve it. That’s okay.

They are who they are. And you are who you are. Don’t focus on them. Don’t focus on how they see you. Or whether they approve of you. Or whether they believe that you have the right to feel the way that you do or live the way that you do. When they choose to use their time to focus on you instead of their own lives, that tells you a whole lot about them.

You focus on yourself, as they should do. Focus on your heart. On your soul. On your mind. On your vision of life. Ask yourself why YOU do what you do. If you’re doing it for people, stop. And start doing things for yourself, even when no one is looking. Work on the parts of your life that no one sees. Because those are the parts that YOU live with at the end of the day.

You lack confidence? Work on that. You lack strength? Work on that. Self-worth? Work on that. Resilience? Work on that.

Put your energy where it belongs. Stop wasting it on the opinions of everyone around you. If they truly care, they’ll support you on your journey.


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