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It’s All About Your Story

​Always be yourself. We live in a world that wants us to be all the same. 

A world that wants us to hide parts of our identities. 

A world that wants to convince us that our inability to move on from what happened to us means that something is fundamentally wrong with us. 

A world that wants us to pretend that everything is okay because, as long as we keep quiet about it, then that means that it will go away. 

But what they don’t see is that, if it’s important to us, then it’s important to the world, because our stories shape the world to be the way that it is. And if we don’t talk about things that matter, our world will not change. And it will continue to become worse and worse, for us and for the future generations. 

So if your story is important to you, then talk about it. If your story means something to you, give yourself a voice. You don’t need to define yourself or your worth by what others think of you, or your voice, or your story.

But remember one thing, while sharing your story to someone can take advantage of your weaknesses and failures. So share with proper care.


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