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Money Quote

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all are doing well.. ☺

Being a writer, it is easy to express my thoughts but many times I shared someone else’s thoughts and stories with you guys. May be, this is because I know what you are expecting to read in my next posts. I love reading and when something touches my heart I share it with you all. Hope you enjoy my thoughts and selection of my thoughts. ☺

Today I am going to share a beautiful quote.

 Money has different names:

In temple,church,gurudwara & mosque, it’s called Donation.

In school, it’s Fee.

In marriage, it’s Dowry.

When you owe someone, it’s  Debt.

When you pay the government, it’s Tax.

In court, it’s Fine.

In divorce, it’s Alimony.

Civil servant retires, it’s Pension.

Employer to workers, it’s Salary.

Borrow from the bank, it’s Loan.

When you buy something, it’s Price.

When you offer after a good service, it’s Tip.

Parents to children, it’s PocketMoney.

Illegally received, it’s Bribe.

Undoubtedly,  Money has different names. But the mediator who is responsible for passing this from one hand to the other hand is only one We i.e. the people.

So guys, take care of your money and spend it carefully. 😎😋


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