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Hope : The Magical Voice

​Have you ever visualised the world without hope? It would be so dark, lame and empty because hope is the reason why everything seems so stimulating to us. The unique existence of it adds so much vividness and flavour in our lives.

Sometimes you hear a magical, quiet voice transmitting energy to you. And somehow, you stumble upon your long lost faith easily. Do you not?

The voice will keep on telling that your team will make it to the finals even in the tough minutes, that your doctor will let you know today how your grand-mom is improving, that the balloon that you let go will reach to the moon someday, that your lost love will get back to you, that your dreams won’t turn into ashes like your last cigarette.

That voice is hope.

Hope is beautiful. Hope is wonderful. Hope always tries to put the broken chunks together even in the times of sheer disappointment.

Hope is the bird that we always hear singing, even when the night is scary and eerily dark.
So, when the hope comes to talk to you in whispers, remember to write down the conversation. So that you can read and re-read when it strolls to visit other people.

Let me tell you, it comes mostly at nights when we are busy picking our shattered pieces up and trying to take out the bullets from our corpse. But trust me, you’ll become your own band-aid, stretcher, surgeon and tablets once it comes to you. You’ll love how it will fulfil your quite nights with beautiful stories. Oh honey, it is the most gorgeous friend and the most selfless companion you will ever have!

The next day when you wake up, you’ll be ready to take all the perilous risks. And trust me, this is how you’ll walk to the other beautiful side. This is how your journey from unknown to known or from limited to unlimited starts.

Therefore, people, keep searching for it. Always.

Don’t search for it in the creases of your palms or ridges of your foreheads, not in the old library or in broken hearts, because, you’ll always find it, creeping through the cracks of your broken windows trying to converse with you in every possible way.

Also, when you find hope, ask it to make a commitment to visit you over and over again. And when hope whispers to you the next time, say a ‘Hi’ from my side too.


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