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What You Deserve

This is dedicated to all those people who blame themselves for everything. 

I’d rather be disappointed by the truth than satisfied with a lie. Respect me, not because I respect you, but because I deserve your respect. 

How pleased would you be if you found out I respected you only because I wanted you to respect me back or because I wanted something in return? I respect you because you deserve it.

Don’t listen to me just because I listen to you. I listen to you because you deserve to be heard.

Don’t be nice to me just because I’m nice to you. I’m nice to you because you deserve to be treated right.

Don’t show me that you care just because you know I care. I care for you because your heart needs care.

If your thoughts and feelings are not genuine, point them in a direction other than mine. 

If I only give you what you deserve, at least keep me away from what I don’t deserve.
I deserve honesty,

I deserve transparency,

I deserve appreciation,

I deserve loyalty,

I deserve peace,

I deserve freedom,

I deserve it all… 

Don’t hesitate to ask for what you deserve. In this world, no one get anything easily. 


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