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Sin or A Gift

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Being a mother of a girl child is one of the biggest concern in this society. Yes, I am talking about these typical indian societies. These concerns begins with your pregnancy and go on increasing by the time as the birth of a girl child, her up bringing, her education,her wedding and after all these things continue with some taunts and demotivated thoughts throw out from your relatives and friends.

However, there are so many changes are made in our communities but yet some people have mis thoughts about a girl child. Still they makes a wry face on a girl’s birth and taunts ” its a baby girl; be prepared for her dowry”. 😏  So mean..

Some says “see she is a girl; you have no need to make her so special all the time”. Even they starts to calculate her basic necessary items and advice to retrenchment in her expenses.

As she growing up, people begins to compare her with her brother or other boy child in the family. Such as her outfits should be fully covered, don’t let her be like she wants to be, don’t talk loudly, don’t go outside, don’t talk to a boy and kind of unended restrictions.

By a fluke, someone in the family supporting her so this is called pamper distortion. People says dont pamper her so much who knows how she will be treated in her would be family (In law’s place).

Then they follows her up throughout the entire education. If she studies in a Co-ed they have issues again. If she refuse to do further studies they presumes something is wrong with her. 

In order to save these escapes, the girl got married and at her in law’s place if she made a little mistake, Her mother in law is now ready to taunt her. She directly blame her and says your parents has not taught you anything. Even her husband expect her to follow his mother’s instructions and if she deny everyone says she breaks the peace of the home. 

When she thought her children will understand her and value her then her expectations might be crumbled by the time. 

In short, being a mother of a girl child seems to make a sin. 

Daughters are the most precious gift from the god and he gives this only to them who are the most closest to him. So Love your daughters and convey this message to everyone..

I Love My Daughter.. ❤

Stay Happy.. Stay Blessed..


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