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Take Care of I ,Me & Myself


 Obviously, you are an excellent mom, an ideal wife, an acquiesce daughter in law, a wonderful daughter and a good sibling but are you good enough to yourself? Have you ever been realized about self esteem? Have you ever come to know, what do you like or dislike? Have you ever expect from yourself for your own dreams?

If you have all above mentioned qualities inside you, your answer must be a “NO”. See its fine that we are Indian women and we belong to a well cultured society but still we can take care of our self esteems. We can follow our dreams without anyone else`s consent. We can take our decisions without become pressurized. We can live our lives as we want. Only you need to take care of I,ME & MYSELF that means your self esteem.


   “Well Behaved Women Rarely Create History.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

I read this quote somewhere, and I felt something tighten in my heart… I was getting upset towards myself because I realized that I am worthless, I tried to find out my existence but only I found a woman who is wearing all those qualities mentioned above… Who am I?

It was the worst day of my life but I want to make my remaining life better than earlier, so I decided to write a dairy in which I wrote my wish list, my likes/dislikes, expectations, future plans and so many things which I want to do in my life. Also I tried to follow my own dreams. It doesn’t mean that I ignored my family only I changed my ways little. And I get unbelievable interventions in my life.

Dear ladies, we are not talking about to know your favorite color, movie,food or such a little things, it’s the big stuff we are talking about. Find out your passion, your dreams, your strengths, weakness, your desires, your tolerance & limitations find yourself among you. You know what; the person who tries to make others happy is the person who suffers more. I am not telling you to let others go to the hell, only I am trying to tell you about know yourself, know your self esteem. 

It is perfectly alright to follow your heart sayings & your own protocols. So trust my words & do it from now onwards… No one can do it for you…

Stay Happy.. Stay Blessed… 


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