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The World Will Adjust

Being self dependent is too difficult but it is an essential quality for every woman who don’t want someone to treat her like a slave before or after marriage. In India, it has been considered that females are for organising home & take care of their kids while males are for working outside & earn money. But the fact is that who have this MONEY is the powerful person so automatically the males became so powerful & dominant over their ladies. However, in our societies most of the families belong to middle class. They tells their daughters that you are inferior to your husband and you will have to learn how to adjust with the world. This is exactly what all conservative families do. But still some families/ parents are there who makes their daughters self dependent so that they will not have to adjust with the world and so they can live their lives at their own rules.

Every woman has some talents, abilities & ideas from which we can be financially independent. Only you need to focus on that and move ahead to become self dependent. Because the world values those who have the MONEY.

If you have ability to do something for yourself, Do It…

If you want your family, In Laws, Husband to treat you like a Queen, Do It..

Bollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra told some lines in an interview which is shared below…


Stay Happy.. Stay Blessed..


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